DestinationVisa is the department visas of Russian Concept Sàrl.
Our company was created in 2004 and is active in the creation of travels to Russia and the delivery of visas for Russia and CIS countries.

Following the success of our activities regarding steps to consulates, this aspect of our work was becomming our specialization. The individuals as well as the main companies believe on us for the steps to the Embassies.

DestinationVisa is the result of requests we received to manage the business of visas to all Embassies. From 2016, this specialized departmant take care of steps to the consulates and Embassies in Bern and Geneva for our clients, individuals as well as companies.

Methodology of work

Our goal is to supply a complete service of good quality.

We take care of dossiers from the beginning to the end. We are helping and giving advices to our customers regarding the process to obtain a visa and we are working and checking the records in order that they will be complete and received by the Embassies. We are doing steps and are given the opportunities to our customers to follow the progress in real time of their records.

We have also a delivery service that work in the Geneva area.


Russian Concept was created in 2004 and DestinationVisa , the visas department in 2016.


Complete management of dossiers of request for visas. Steps to the Embassies and Consulates in Bern and Geneva.


We are tacking care of dossiers for swiss people and europeen particulary french residents.